Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wow it's that time already!!!!!

I can't believe that we are gearing up for another set of mission teams this summer. God has truly blessed us with 6 teams of missionaries coming up this year. We have teams from Georgia, Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma,Wyoming and a current team with college students from Edmonton Alberta. They will be helping us with Spectrum, Stampede, Kid's Day camp and prayer walking and Block parties. 

 Our first team will be coming from Rome, Georgia. It has been a dream of theirs for several years for a church to be started here in Medicine Hat. They have been coming up the last 5 years to serve at Spectrum which is a festival that brings in over 40,000 visitors in 3 days. Please be in prayer for this mission team. Their names are :

Craig and Mandi Bagwell
Chris and Kim Holland
Jarrod and Tiffany Roberts
Gina Scurlock
Jamie Bomer
Lamar Ray

Please pray for safe flight, easy border crossing and that God would use them mightly when they are here. We had a great time with this team last year and look forward to serving with them again this year at Spectrum. Last year they served over 40,000 at this festival and we are hoping that we can have a fun time serving our community.  They will be here in Medicine Hat from June 3 to the following Monday.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I will Rise

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to the Christian radio station in Medicine Hat and Chris Tomlins song "I will rise". it is a very powerful song.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Feel Fine

So I was watching TED yesterday and I went to Jonathan Harris's website after his talk. His website, is a different website that views blogs that have the line "I feel....." in them. It shows that the people who blog the most are those whose ages range from 20-29 years. The other thing I noticed is that there are tons of hurting people, and tons of hurting people here in Medicine Hat. There are so many who openly confess their sexual exploits and how that leaves them empty and hurting. I am not surprised at how many people are hurting, but I am surprised at how many are open about it. People are literally screaming for somebody to love them, and yet most of us feel scared to go out and pull them out of their pit of despair by telling them about Jesus.

Check out and see just how many hurting people are in your city and you may realize that we don't feel fine at all.